CFMJC Board & Staff

The Community Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of Jefferson County residents.   They are dedicated to being good financial stewards of every donation that is generously given by donors to the Community Foundation.

Community Foundation Board of Directors

Beth Lichlyter - Chair
Briar House
Phil McKay
Phil McKay - Treasurer (incoming may 2024)
McKay Accounting Service
Daniel Butler
daniel butler
butler family dentistry
Fernando Rubio
Fernando Rubio
Vehicle Service Group
Nancy Totten
Nancy Totten
Varsity Girls Soccer Coach
Southwestern High School
Jenny Darnold
Jenny darnold - Vice-chair
German American Bank
Devon Sharpe
dEVON sHARPE - Secretary
Jenner, Pattison, Sharpe; madison land title
Tanner Mahoney
Sandy Sailer color
Sandy Sailer
Production Control Supervisor
Arvin Sango, Inc.

Community Foundation Staff

Bill Barnes - President & CEO

Bill joined the staff of the Community Foundation in February 2010 after spending 19 years in the gas, electric, and telecommunications industries. He also served our nation for 6 years in the U.S. Air Force. At the Foundation, Bill oversees the day-to-day operations of all aspects of the organization. He is passionate about meeting with donors to help them fulfill their charitable goals and wishes. Bill also enjoys mentoring the volunteers and leaders of nonprofit organizations to help them best serve the residents of Jefferson County.

Bill enjoys spending time with his family and several outdoor activities including gardening and birding. He is also passionate about the arts and enjoys sharing his creativity through painting.

To contact Bill, call 812-274-0241.

Kelly Miller - Finance & Program Officer

Kelly joined the staff of the Community Foundation in December 2011 after spending 11 years in the banking and financial service industries. As the Finance & Program Officer, Kelly oversees the day-to-day financial aspects of the Foundation, from inputing donations to paying operational costs. She also oversees the Competitive Grant processes for the Foundation and the Women’s Giving Circle. 

When not in the office, Kelly enjoys spending time with her family, attending concerts and taking vacations to beautiful, sandy beaches.

To contact Kelly, call 812-274-0242.

Kelley Hoagland
Kelley Hoagland - Marketing & donor relations Manager

Kelley joined the staff of the Community Foundation in September 2014 after spending nine years as a full-time radio station personality. As the Marketing & Donor Relations Manager, she oversees the promotion of the Foundation via local media outlets, social media, and printed materials. She also assists Bill with communication pieces sent to donors.

Kelley shares her creativity outside of the office by singing at community events and at her church, and acting in local community theatre productions. She also likes to spend time with her family and friends, loves random music trivia, and anything related to superheroes.

To contact Kelley, call 812-274-0243.

Julie Wells - Scholarship Coordinator

Julie joined the staff of the Community Foundation in November 2019 following a 35-year career as a high school English teacher. She developed the American Studies course at Scottsburg High School, and instructed Dual Credit Composition classes through Vincennes University. At the Foundation, she oversees the CFMJC Scholarships and Lilly Endowment Community Scholar processes, and assists with the Women’s Giving Circle. 

In her free time, Julie enjoys reading, sports and fitness, doing genealogy research, and spending time with her granddaughter and family.

To contact Julie, call 812-274-0945.

CFMJC Board Alumni (years served)

Roger Allman (1999-2003)Sue Kittinger (2002)
Mike Armstrong (1997-2003)Fred Koehler (2003-2009)
Darrell Auxier (1991-1996)Lillian Sue Livers (1995-1999)
Dan Baughman (2000-2006)Lynn Maricle (2018-2024)
Nancy Bear (2007-2008)Donald McCauley (2002-2007)
Anthony Brandon (2011-2017)Chuck McKay (2009-2015)
Jim Braun (2003-20010)Gerry Michl (2002-2007)
Timothy Breeding (2005-2011)Marcella Modisett, MD (1995-2000)
Todd Bruther (2017-2023)Sarah Morgan (1995-2001)
Ben Canida (2012-2015)Bernard Murphy (1994-1996)
Cliff Carnes (2012-2015)James C. Pendleton (1993-1997)
Janet E. Castor (1999-2002)Eric Phagan (2013-2016)
Lonnie Collins (2000-2006)Donald L. Phillips (1995-2000)
Darleen Connolly (2012-2018)Dr. Ralph Pratt (1991-1993)
David J. Craig (1991-1997)Dotti Reindollar (1991-1994)
Tom Davee (1996-2002)Ivan Rimstidt, DVM (1993-1999)
Carri Dirksen (2010-2016)Howard Risk (1997-2000)
Mike Dorsey (2000-2006)Michael Robinson (2008-2014)
Cecil Dorton (1991-1993)Bruce Rose (1993-1994)
Brenda Eversole (1991-1996)Tim Sandker (1996-2000)
Gregory K. Flood (1991-1993)Rhonda Sauley (1994-1998)
Ben Foley (2015-2021)Susan Schmidt (2008-2011)
Matt Forrester (2000-2006)Ashley Schutte (2007-2013)
Virginia Franks (1996-1999)Ann Schwartz (2016-2022)
Sam George (1997-2000)E. Perin Scott (1991-1996)
Jaman Geyman (2015-2021)Wendell Seaborne (1998-2000)
Robin Goodknight (2015-2018)Betty L. Sebree (2001-2007)
Constance M. Goodman (2000-2006)Margaret Seifert-Russell (2011-2017)
Ann Grahn (1991-1997)Phil Sherman (1992-1998)
Terry Grote (1996-2002)Tom Solomon (2006-2012)
Walter F. Grote, Jr. (1991-1996)Susan Stack (2006-2013)
Thomas V. Hambrick (1991-1993)Ann Suchocki (2014-2020)
Bonnie Hare (2010-2016)Rich Sutter (1998-2000)
William H. Hensler (2001-2007)Steve Telfer (2013-2018)
Robert D. Hoban (1991-1998)Barbara Trimble (1991-1995)
Scott Hubbard (2016-2022)Nancy Underwood (1999-2005)
Kathleen Huffman (2005-2009)Donn Vecchie-Campbell (2011-2014)
Al Huntington (2011-2017)Betsey Vonderheide (2017-2023)
Alice Jackson (2004-2010)Tony Waltz (1999-2005)
Curt Jacobs (1998-2004)Josh Wilber (2016-2018)
Jane W. Jacobs (1991-1998)Roger Williams (2008-2011)
Jane Jakoubek (2004-2006)Stephanie Withered (2017-2023)
Joe Jenner (2014-2020)Mark Wynn (2006-2011)
Kris W. Kindelsperger (1991-1998) 
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