Women's Giving Circle

Empowering Women to Make a Difference

Formed in 2012, the Women’s Giving Circle of Jefferson County (WGCJC) is a community of philanthropic women of all ages and backgrounds. By combining their financial strength, these women are able to collectively make a positive change for women and children throughout Jefferson County.

All women in Jefferson County are welcome and invited to join. Membership consists of an annual, tax-deductible contribution of $100. 75% of each membership is used to make the annual grants, while 25% is invested in the Women’s Giving Circle Endowment in Memory of Bonnie Hare. Junior memberships are available for young ladies ages 18 and under for $50, and are split $25/$25.

Assets of the WGCJC are held and maintained at the Community Foundation.


WGCJC Sub-Circles

Members of the WGCJC are invited to participate in one or more of the group’s Sub-Circles. These committees help the WGCJC achieve their annual goals. These committees are: 

  • Governance – help with updating Policies & Procedures
  • Grants – evaluate applications during the annual grant cycle
  • Marketing/PR – utilize email, social media, and local media outlets to get the word out about the group
  • Membership – help with the recruitment and retention of Giving Circle members
  • Special Events – help plan and organize annual events including the spring Annual Meeting

How We Give

The WGCJC makes grants annually to organizations that have the greatest potential to help the women and children of Jefferson County, Indiana. The Grants Sub-Circle reviews applications and provides grant recommendations to the general membership, which then votes on the recommendations at the annual meeting/dinner in the Spring. Grants are focused on the following four fields of interest, with the specific purpose of benefitting women and/or children:

  • Education
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Physical and Mental Health
  • Violence and Crime Prevention

Click the link at the top of the page to learn more about the WGCJC Grant Program.

2018 WGCJC Grant Winner Representatives

Who We Are

The membership of the WGCJC consists of women of all ages and backgrounds who come together, pool their contributions, and make funding decisions together. 

Our membership is made up of your neighbors and friends. Take a look at our current membership roster below to see the names of these generous women. We would love to add your name, too!

2019 WGCJC Annual Dinner

Donna Wehner – Chair
Jane Williams – Vice-Chair
Marta Belt – Secretary
Nancy Totten – Treasurer
Kathy Crafton
Ashley Kress Cunningham
Missy Demaree
Tamara Hall
Jean Herron
Lynn Maricle
Pam Sandoz
Joyce Wells

Nina Alcorn
Lindsay Bloos
Elizabeth Chapa
Kathy Crafton
Susan Craig
Jenny Darnold
Karen Dickie
Jane Durst
Brenda Finnegan
Robin Goodknight
Glenna Hanks Wade
Denise Leiske
Mary Carol Lorton
Karen Modisett
Elizabeth Murphy
Margo Olson
Sandy Palmer
Veronica Phillips
Becky Staab
Phyllis Steinhardt
Jan Vethrhus

Tracy Ahlbrand
Elizabeth Auxier
Kendra Auxier
Michele Barlow
Leana Barnes
Stacy Barnes
Marta Belt
Julie Berry
Katy Biallas
Lindsay Bloos
Tammy Boldery
Nadja Boone
Jarrett Boyd
Launa Braun
Kim Breeding
Julie Brown
Kate Brown
Martha A. Brown
Karen Buchanan
Deb Bunton
Mary Kay Butler
Cheryl Campbell
Emma Campbell
Maggie Campbell
Charlotte Canida
Donna Carl
Janet Castor
Kyleen Center
Paula Clark
Bea Collins
Darleen Connolly
Kathy Crafton
Susan Craig
Valecia Crisafulli
Brenda Cummins
Jenny Darnold
Melissa Demaree
Karen Dickie
Sandy Dierdorf
Molly Dodge
Laurie Dorsey
Carol Dozier
Sylvia Duke
Vicky Dunagan
Jane Durst
Nancy Eagleson
Jackie Eggenspiller
Barbara Ellefsen
Brenda Eversole
Brenda Finnegan
George Ann Fisher
Patti Frazier
Sandy Freeman
Jaman Geyman
Donna Godward
Sandy Gold
Robin Goodknight
Lisa Gray
Sasha Gray
Natalie Green
Meredith Gregg
Maria Grote
Carolyn Gunter
Lynn Hall
Tamara Hall
Susanne Hamner
Glenna Hanks Wade
Lisa Hanson
Sara Hare
Paula Hartman
Raeanna Hearne (Jr. Member)
Mary Heaton
Lori Heitz
Stephanie Hellmann
Wilma Henderson
Jennifer Hensler
Jean Herron
Angie Hertz
Carol Hertz
Dee Hertz
Katie Hertz (Jr. Member)
Kelli Hertz
Laura Hodges
Karen Howard
Martie Hoying
Janet Huber Lowry
Connie Huntington
Leah James
Jane Jenner (Jr. Member)
Katie Jenner
Mary Grace Jenner (Jr. Member)
Betsy Johnson
Julia Johnson
Christina Jones
Nancy Jones
Pamela Jones
Theresa Kapfhammer
Michelle Kimmel
Karol Kirk
Shirley Kloepfer
Stephanie Knox
Judy Koehler
Penny Koehler
Catherine Le Saux
Bonnie Lee
Heather Leininger
Maggie Lisle
Mary Carol Lorton
Ariel Makin
Mane Attractions
Lynn Maricle
Marcia McCracken
Mary Kay McCubbin
Mary B. McCuskey
Cindy McKay
Sally McWilliams
Melissa Lee Miller
Lesley Miller
Tina Mitchell
Trudy Mitchell
Mary Beth Mock
Karen Modisett
Elaine Morrill
Michelle Mouser
Thema Mullett
Anna Nelson
Jill Neuman
Ruby Nichols
June Nighbert
Susan Ohlendorf
Margo Olson
Charmaine Owens
Meg Perry
Megan Phillipe
Binnie Phillips
Veronica Phillips
Alanagh Pimlott
Gretchen Poindexter
Starla Raley
Kimberly S. Reece
Judy Richardson
Connie Risk
Gloria Risk
Ann Roahrig
Linda Roaks
Susanne Robbins
Alice Rogers
Ann Roller
Annalise Roney (Jr. Member)
Jennifer Roney
Kathy Rosenberg
Victoria Rosenkranz
Pam Sandoz
Susan Schmidt
Jennifer Schoch
Annie Schroeder
Flower Shaffstall
Rachel Sharpe
Libby Sheppard
Happy Smith
Cynthia Lin Smoots
Nancy Sobeck
Nancy Sprunger
Becky Staab
Susan Stack
Susan Stahl
Phyllis Steinhardt
Madelaine Taylor
Sue Thomas
Karen Todd
Priscilla Torline
Nancy Totten
Patty Trimble
Nancy Underwood
Marianne Ungru
Elizabeth Varble
Jan Vethrus
Betsey Vonderheide
Robin Waltz
Nancy Watson
Julie Wattenbarger
Donna Wehner
Joyce Wells
Julie Wells
Linda Wenning
Sharyn Whitman
Jill Wiest
Jane Williams
Sally Wurtz
Autumn Zehren
Pam Zehren


To become a member of the WGCJC, one must contribute a $100 gift annually. Junior memberships of $50 are available for girls age 18 and under. Gifts are fully tax-deductible and memberships run by calendar year (January 1 – December 31). You can join now via Credit Card or ACH by clicking the JOIN NOW button to the right, or can mail a check along with our downloadable Membership Form to P.O. Box 306, Madison, IN 47250. Feel free to call Julie Wells at (812) 265-3327 or email [email protected] with any questions!

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