Helping local students pursue their academic goals.

Scholarships are the most direct and public expression of financial support that the Community Foundation can give the students of Jefferson County.

The Community Foundation manages nearly 60 scholarship funds that help local students pursue their academic goals following high school.

In 2023, the Community Foundation of Madison & Jefferson County awarded over $195,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors of the county’s public and private high schools. More than 30 different students earned money toward their college costs. Scholarships are available for a variety of applicants. Some are specific to schools, majors, need, or interests. Others have few restrictions. Check out the Available Scholarships Listing to see what you may be eligible for!

Many of the scholarships ask you to supply your test scores which some reviewers rely on heavily for making selections. If you do not have a score yet, please go ahead and apply for the scholarships, knowing that your application will have less information for reviewers. You should supply your PSAT scores if you have those.

Most of the scholarships require you to provide the SAI (Student Aid Index; formerly known as EFC/Expected Family Contribution) from your FAFSA. However, not all of the scholarships have a need-based requirement. Look at the Available Scholarships Listing to see which scholarships require this information. You can complete your FAFSA by going to the link at the top of this page.

CFMJC scholarships may be used for tuition and related expenses like fees and required equipment at accredited colleges and universities. Room and board are NOT covered, but be sure to check out the specifics in the Available Scholarships Listing.

The online application window for our 2024 scholarships is now CLOSED. Online applications for the Class of 2025 will open on December 1, 2024.

All student information and recommendations MUST be submitted on the Community Force website before the deadline on February 9, 2024. Please remember to give your references plenty of time to complete and submit letters of recommendation. It is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure all materials are completed and the SUBMIT button is pressed before this time. Your school counselor will have an additional week to submit your transcript. Partial applications will not be considered.

Email [email protected] with questions, or call the office at 812-265-3327.


We invite all Jefferson County juniors and their parent(s)/guardian(s) to attend our FREE event on Monday, February 19, 2024 from 6-7:30pm at Madison Consolidated High School.

Come and learn about topics to help prepare you for your senior year of high school such as:
Financial Aid

Register HERE and let us know you’re planning to join us!

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Applications for the 2024 CFMJC Scholarships are now OPEN. Applications must be submitted by Friday, February 9, 2024 at Noon.

Scholarship Application Due In:

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2023 Scholarship Winners

John Mitchell Adams - Madison Consolidated High School
Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship
Elijah Boscia - Southwestern High School
J. Michael Sample Memorial Scholarship for Music & Dale McNeely Scholarship
Cambryn Bryant - Southwestern High School
Christie Crafton Memorial Scholarship
Zoe Bullock - Madison Consolidated High School
Lynn A. Maricle Music Scholarship, Custer Oratory Contest Scholarship, and Mabel C. Green Memorial Scholarship
Crisnell Cabigting - Madison Consolidated High School
Sharon Thom Alcorn Memorial Scholarship
Cameran Cahall - Madison Consolidated High School
Carolyn Bruce Spicer and Gene E. Spicer Nursing Scholarship & Dennis Holt Memorial Scholarship
Tiffany Couch - Adult Learner
Carolyn Bruce Spicer and Gene E. Spicer Nursing Scholarship for Adults
Aleea Crumley - Southwestern High School
Mary Elizabeth Patterson Memorial Scholarship & Jefferson County 4-H Scholarship
Jordan DeAtley - Southwestern High School
Brian W. Stites Memorial Scholarship & Community Foundation Scholar Award
Craig Demaree - Madison Consolidated High School
Dorothy B. Lotz Scholarship, Helyn Bishop Scholarship & Larry and Charmaine Owens Scholarship
Casey Dyer - Madison Consolidated High School
Ralph and Robyn Jones Family Memorial Scholarship, Jefferson County 4-H Scholarship & Dupont Alumni Scholarship
Olivia Fresh - Southwestern High School
Lisa Cheatham Memorial Scholarship & Marcia S. Morrill Memorial Scholarship
Lillian Guirguis - Madison Consolidated High School
Glenn G. & Dorothy Ebel Huntington Memorial Scholarship
Harrison Hall - Madison Consolidated High School
Mabel C. Green Memorial Scholarship, Madison Chautauqua for the Arts Scholarship in Memory of Bob Fourhman, Dr. Fred S. Henderson Family Scholarship & Gary Chapman Memorial Scholarship for the Arts
Syrenia Hardy - Southwestern High School
Jefferson County 4-H Scholarship & Dupont Alumni Scholarship
Brady Jackson - Shawe Memorial High School
Community Foundation Scholar Award
Tanner Jacobs - Southwestern High School
CAM Car Club Scholarship, George and June Miller Memorial Scholarship & Bill Oldaker Scholarship
Daniel Johnson - Madison Consolidated High School
Jefferson County 4-H Scholarship
Marin Kernan - Madison Consolidated High School
Norma A Cull Memorial Scholarship
Daylan Konkle - Southwestern High School
Keith Brooks Memorial Scholarship & Broadway School Alumni Scholarship
Preston Kuppler - Madison Consolidated High School
Custer Oratory Contest Scholarship
Mia Mires - Madison Consolidated High School
Custer Oratory Contest Scholarship & Joseph V. Cline Scholarship
Emily Nay - Madison Consolidated High School
Thomas D. Craft, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Haleigh Pyles - Madison Consolidated High School
Brad O'Leary Scholarship & Carl J. and Mary M. Hoefling Memorial Scholarship
Kaitlyn Rutledge - Madison Consolidated High School
Tiffany Lee Carter Memorial Scholarship & Community Foundation Scholar Award
Addison Sheets - Madison Consolidated High School
M. W. Anderson Scholarship & Calvin Family Scholarship
Van Skinner - Madison Consolidated High School
Chan Chilton Memorial Scholarship & Nathan Wilson Memorial Mathematics Scholarship
Claytin Sontag - Southwestern High School
Ralph & Robyn Jones Family Memorial Scholarship
MaKalyn Stewart - Madison Consolidated High School
George & June Kirk Scholarship
Alexia Sullivan - Madison Consolidated High School
The Wood Memorial Scholarship, Terri Nighbert Memorial Scholarship & Cheatham Family Scholarship
Cadence Traylor - Madison Consolidated High School
Curtis Wright Memorial Scholarship
Elijah Turner - Shawe Memorial High School
Community Foundation Scholar Award
Emily Vaughn - Shawe Memorial High School
Hall Family Scholarship & Charles H. and C. Chris Keller Scholarship
Annie Zhang - Madison Consolidated High School
Frances K. Eisan Memorial and Class of '84 Scholarship, Bonnie and Printis Shelton Scholarship, Dorothy B. Lotz Scholarship, Custer Oratory Contest Scholarship, MCHS Class of 1966 Scholarship & Madison Kiwanis/Connor K. Salm Scholarship
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Past Scholarship Winners

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