Community Spay/Neuter Fund

The Madison-Jefferson County Humane Society and several individual donors established the Community Spay/Neuter Fund in 2011 to expand current efforts to save pets, reduce overpopulation and relieve the burden on our local animal shelter.

The Humane Society supports a variety of low-cost, area spay/neuter programs and cooperates with numerous agencies such as Bridges for Animals, the Jefferson County Animal Shelter, Kentucky Humane Society, area rescue groups and veterinarians.

The Humane Society has established a goal to substantially increase the number of spay/neuters by both increasing availability of spay/neuter options, which are available to all citizens, and reducing the cost. The organization believes the establishment of this endowment at the Community Foundation makes it possible to fund a program that can someday support spay or neuter services for every pet in the county.

To donate to this fund, click the GIVE NOW button and type “Community Spay/Neuter Fund” in the “Fund Donating To:” box.

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