King’s Daughters’ Hospital/William G. Crosby Fund for Pediatrics

King’s Daughters’ Hospital/William G. Crosby Fund for Pediatrics was established in 1992.

Mr. Crosby made a significant donation to King’s Daughters’ Hospital (KDH) in 1992 for their pediatric services. KDH created this endowment with a portion of that gift, and used the remaining to renovate the entire pediatrics department. The renovation included an additional treatment room, a playroom, and a nurses’ station that better facilitated family interaction.

William G. Crosby grew up on a farm in the Kent area of Jefferson County. A graduate of Hanover College, he followed a business career in Kokomo and Ft. Wayne. His mother, Jessi Crosby Whitsitt, lived in Madison and died in 1973. Crosby’s stepfather, Dr. S.A. Whitsitt, practiced medicine in Madison and was one of the first doctors at the Madison Clinic. He was very community-minded and wanted his money ultimately to go to various community organizations. Crosby invested his stepfather’s money over the years and in his will honored Dr. Whitsitt’s wishes when he passed away in January 1992.

Annual grants from this Designated Fund are made to King’s Daughters’ Health to help support the pediatric department.

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