List of Funds

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Current Endowments (and year established)

The funds listed below demonstrate what a wide variety of interests people have. Each of them is established with a fund agreement, which directs how the donor wants grants to be used now and far into the future. The endowments are pooled for investment purposes, but are accounted for separately. Anyone can give to any fund at any time in any amount.  What interests you?

Areas of Interest

  • Jerry E. Andress Memorial Animal Shelter Endowment (2008)
  • Community Spay/Neuter Fund (2011)
  • Friends of the Jefferson County Animal Shelter (2008)
  • Jefferson County Animal Welfare Fund Endowment (2017)
  • Madison-Jefferson County Humane Society, Inc. Audrey M. Smith Chapter Fund (1994)
  • Spirit’s Fund (animal welfare) (2004)
The Arts
  • Community Endowment for the Arts (1996)
  • Harold A. “Hal” Davis Memorial Endowment for the Arts (2017)
  • Madison Area Arts Alliance Endowment (2018)
  • Jonathon D. Menke Memorial Endowment for the MCHS Theatre Dept. (2008)
  • Ohio Theatre Endowment (2021)
  • Neida Rogers Memorial Endowment for Music (2008)
Community & Social ServiceS
  • Clearinghouse of Jefferson County Endowment Fund (2014)
  • Greg Cloud Memorial Endowment (fire companies) (2007)
  • Community Foundation Administrative Fund (1996)
  • Deputy Volunteer Fire Company Endowment (2019)
  • James T. and Jennie P. Ford Endowment for Kent Volunteer Fire Company (1997)
  • Friends of the Madison-Jefferson County Public Library Endowment (2015)
  • Habitat for Humanity of Southeast Indiana Endowment (2023)
  • Hanover Community Endowment (2023)
  • Richard Tevis Heck/Ruth Irwin Heck Fund for the Hanover Volunteer Fire Company (1997)
  • Historic Hoosier Hils RC&D Endowment Fund (1995)
  • Jefferson County House of Hope Endowment in Memory of Patty Cooper (2016)
  • Ladies’ Auxiliary of Kent Fire Department Endowment Fund (1996)
  • Madison Main Street Endowment (2022)
  • Retired Senior Vounteer Program Endowment (2007)
  • Salvation Army Endowment in Memory of Tom Palfreeman (2016)
  • Stellar Madison Fund (2017)
  • Tri-Centennial Observance Fund (our Nation’s Tri-Centennial in 2076) (1994)
  • Mary Battles Canida Memorial Endowment (2013)
  • Marty and Bea Ferguson Endowment (Prince of Peace Catholic Schools) (2008)
  • Food for Students Fund (2021)
  • For the Little Ones Fund: Madison Consolidated Schools Pre-Kindergarten Program Endowment (2019)
  • Dr. Gertrude Geraets Memorial Fund for Prince of Peace Catholic Schools (2015)
  • Nathan Hadley Memorial Fund for MCHS Career Readiness (2017)
  • Hanover Community Education Fund (2006)
  • Lou Knoble Gift of Art Fund (MCHS Fine Arts Academy) (2020)
  • Madison Consolidated High School Special Education Endowment (2012)
  • Madison Consolidated Schools Educational Foundation Fund (1994)
  • Madison-Jefferson County Public Library Endowment Fund (2001)
  • MJHS Peer Counseling Endowment in Honor of Dianna Risk (2007)
  • Pope John Elementary School Children’s Fund (2003)
  • Deborah Lynn Taylor Memorial Endowment Fund (1999)
  • Randy and Donna Wehner Children’s Literacy Fund (2022)
  • World Languages and International Studies Endowment (2021)
  • Betty S. Wynn Memorial Fund (Business teacher professional development at Madison Consolidated H.S.) (2010)
The Elderly
  • Hagemann Endowment Fund for Meals on Wheels (2002)
  • LifeTime Resources Senior Services Development Fund (1997)
The Environment
  • Hanover Community Garden Endowment (2022)
  • Richard Tevis Heck/Ruth Irwin Heck Fund (Indiana Foresters) (1995)
  • Heritage Trail Conservancy Endowment (2011)
  • John Paul Park Conservancy Endowment (2012)
  • Frieda Suppes Jones/John Price Jones Memorial Fund (Jefferson County Environment) (1993)
  • Madison Beautification Fund (2019)
  • Madison Riverfront Development Corporation Endowment (2018)
  • Madison Riverfront Endowment Fund (1995)
  • B.R. and H.L. Alexander Memorial Endowment for H.O.P.P.S. (Helping Our Pediatric Patients Smile) (2015)
  • Bethany Circle/Della Courtney Memorial Endowment Fund (KDH) (2000)
  • Centerstone Mental Health Fund for Jefferson County (2008)
  • Developmental Services, Inc. Endowment Fund (2000)
  • Domestic Violence Support Fund (Safe Passage, Inc.) (2018)
  • Wanda Jackson Sunshine Fund for Huntington’s Disease (2016)
  • King’s Daughters’ Hospital Fund (1995)
  • King’s Daughters’ Hospital/William G. Crosby Fund for Pediatrics (1992)
  • Life Choices Clinic Endowment (2016)
  • Beverly McGuire Scott Memorial Fund (KDH-Oncology) (1995)
History & Preservation
  • Broadway Fountain Endowment Fund (2000)
  • Canaan Cemetery Endowment (2024)
  • College Hill Cemetery Endowment (2015)
  • Historic Eleutherian College Memorial Endowment (2016)
  • Jefferson County Historical Society Endowment Fund (1993)
  • Jefferson County Medical Society Endowment Fund fbo Dr. Hutching’s Office (1997)
  • Lanier Mansion Endowment (2018)
  • George and June Miller Genealogy Fund (2022)
  • Endowment for Pearl Park (2009)
  • Rogers Family Memorial Historical Research Fund (Jefferson Co. Historical Society) (2008)
  • Save Our History Endowment (Jefferson Co. Historical Society) (2017)
  • The Weinberg Family Fund (1995)
  • Jeanne Bunton Memorial Endowment for Madison Presbyterian Church (2000)
  • Catholic Cemeteries of Jefferson County Fund (2017)
  • Christ Episcopal Church Endowment Fund (2008)
  • Patty Cooper Memorial Endowment for Hanover United Methodis Church (2016)
  • First Christian Church Endowment (2015)
  • Hanover Presbyterian Church Fund (1995)
  • Hanover United Methodist Church Endowment Fund (1997)
  • Hanover United Methodist Church Food Pantry Fund in Memory of Marie Stier (2020)
  • Richard Tevis Heck/Ruth Irwin Heck Fund for Madison Presbyterian Church (2002)
  • Kessler and Lawrence Family Endowment fbo Christ Episcopal Church (1999)
  • Roland Lichlyter Fund for the Hanover United Methodist Church (2014)
  • Lick Branch Cemetery Endowment in Memory of Everett and Ethel Lamb (2022)
  • Arleida R. Metz Memorial Fund (Prince of Peace Catholic Parish) (1994)
  • Caring for Veterans Fund (2015)
  • Indiana Veterans Memorial Cemetery Endowment (2019)
  • Jefferson County Veterans Fund (Jefferson County Veterans Council (2015)
  • Gerald Amos Memorial Endowment Fund (intellectually challenged children) (1996)
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Jefferson County Endowment Fund (1998)
  • Eleanor T. Birk Foundation Youth Fund (2015)
  • Camp Louis Ernst Fund in Honor of Don Riley and Perin Scott (2018)
  • Children’s Advocacy Center of Southeastern Indiana, Inc. Endowment (2022)
  • James M. Demaree Memorial Fund (Girls Inc.) (1995)
  • Friends of Hargan-Matthews Park Fund (2017)
  • Justin Geyman Memorial Endowment (Jefferson County Soccer Association) (2007)
  • Girls Inc. of Jefferson County Endowment Fund (1994)
  • Hanover Fund for Youth (1996)
  • Jane’s Kids Endowment (2023)
  • Jefferson County 4-H Development Fund (1996)
  • Jefferson County 4-H Horse & Pony Program in Memory of Helen Kreeger (2017)
  • Jefferson County Youth Fund established by the Goodmans (1998)
  • Jefferson County Youth Shelter Endowment in Memory of John Clapham (1998)
  • Delbert O. King Memorial Endowment Fund (2000)
  • Lide White Memorial Boys & Girls Club Endowment Fund (1998)
  • Dr. Marcella S. Modisett Endowment for Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana (1996)
  • Dr. Harve and Joyce Rawson Memorial Endowment (Englishton Park) (2008)
  • Barbara Trimble Memorial Fund for Girls Inc. (2015)
  • Youth As Resources, Jefferson County, Endowment Fund (2001)
Multiple Organizations
  • John Hawk Memorial Endowment (Christ Episcopal Church and Heritage Trail Conservancy) (2022)
  • Carl J. and Mary M. Hoefling Fund (First Christian Church, Jefferson County Historical Society, Pilot Club of Madison scholarship program, and Retired Senior Volunteer Program) (2001)
  • Larry and Charmaine Owens Endowment (Girls Inc., Madison-Jefferson County Public Library, and Trinity United Methodist Church) (2008)
  • William F. Stephan Familiy Fund (Heritage Trail Conservancy, Jefferson County Veterans Council, LifeTime Resources, and Madison Riverfront Development Corporation) (2018)
  • Women’s Giving Circle Endowment in Memory of Bonnie Hare (agencies serving women and children) (2012)

Donor Advised Funds

  • Rob and Michele Barlow Charitable Endowment (2021)
  • Dan and Molly Baughman Charitable Fund (2019)
  • Bethany Circle/Mary E. & Artz Ellis Memorial Fund (1994)
  • Canida/Knox Famiy Fund (1993)
  • Children’s Fund of Jefferson County in Memory of Rita Jo Adams (2011)
  • Joseph T. and Ruby W. Craig Fund for Learning (2021)
  • Cronen/Marsiglio Family Endowment Fund (1997)
  • Bill Demaree Memorial Endowment (2021)
  • Dorsey Family Endowment (2019)
  • Bob and Brenda Eversole Endowment (2011)
  • Alex Feltner Memorial Endowment (2023)
  • Josh and Barb Ford Family Fund in Memory of Kenneth Stier (2017)
  • Tony Greco Memorial Fund for the Arts (2015)
  • Grote Lamplighter Endowment (2018)
  • Brok D. Hensler Memorial Endowment (2002)
  • Chuck, Bonnie, and Brok Hensler Endowment (2002)
  • Howard and Mary Muncie Hensler Memorial Fund (2017)
  • Mike Hess Memorial Endowment (2012)
  • Hubbard Family Endowment (2018)
  • Hunt Family Endowment (2022)
  • Al and Connie Huntington Family Community Fund (2014)
  • Kristen E. Kemper Memorial Endowment (2008)
  • King’s Daughters’ Health Community Health Initiatives Endowment (2000)
  • Lichlyter Fund for Youth (2020)
  • Madison Chemical Company, Inc. Enployees Fund (1997)
  • James A. and Dixie J. McDonough Art Education Fund (1999)
  • McKay Family Fund (2013)
  • Karen S. Modisett Endowment (2021)
  • Morgan Family Advised Fund (1996)
  • Mickie Nethery Memorial Endowment (2007)
  • Dr. John W. Petscher Memorial Endowment (2012)
  • Fernando and Julie Rubio Charitable Endowment (2018)
  • Schafer Family Philanthropy Fund (2021)
  • Jason and Marlana Schafer Family Charitable Fund (2019)
  • Schroeder Foundation Endowment Fund (1993)
  • Skiles Family Endowment Fund (1997)
  • Doug and JoAnne Spiller Family Endowment (2021)
  • Tony and Hilary Steinhardt III Community Fund (2021)
  • Jeff and Susan Studds Community Fund (2022)
  • Clifford O. Taylor Memorial Fund for the Performing Arts (2001)
  • Vecchie-Campbell Family Endowment (2019)
  • The Wallis Family Fund (1993)
  • Tony and Robin Waltz Family Fund (2014)
  • Evelyn Wheeler Charitable Endowment (2019)
  • John and Maureen Wurtz Charitable Fund (2015)

Flexible Community Funds

  • 7 Hugs: The David E., Sally Kirk, JD and Stephanie Webster Family Endowment (2018)
  • Bill and Stacy Barnes Charitable Endowment (2018)
  • Eleanor T. Birk Foundation Community Fund (2018)
  • Tim and Kim Breeding Family Endowment (2021)
  • Community Foundation Board Member and Alumni Fund (2014)
  • Barbara Ann Cowan Memorial Fund (2002)
  • Cronen/Marsiglio Family Unrestricted Endowment (2002)
  • First Financial Bank Community Fund (2015)
  • Gardner Insurance Agency Community Fund (2015)
  • German American Bank Endowment (2018)
  • The Douglas and Ann Grahn Endowment (2002)
  • Walter A. and Jean Graham Greiner Memorial Fund (1994)
  • Jefferson County Enrichment Endowment (2001)
  • Jenner Family Endowment (2018)
  • The Lineburg Family Endowment (2002)
  • Madison Precision Products Community Fund (2014)
  • Gil and Trudy McCoy Unrestricted Endowment (2001)
  • Kevin and Mary Kay McCubbin Endowment (2021)
  • The John Morgan Family Fund (2002)
  • Rinda Rains Memorial Endowment (2002)
  • Julius “Bud” and Irene Ritter Memorial Endowment (2001)
  • Margaret Francis Seifert and Gregory A. Russell Endowment (2014)
  • Devon and Rachel Sharpe Endowment (2019)
  • Sherman, Barber, & Mullikin Fund for Jefferson County (2018)
  • Norbert A. “Tony” Steinhardt, Jr. and Phyllis Steinhardt Family Endowment (2019)
  • Nancy J. Strandmark Memorial Fund (2017)
  • Ann Suchocki and Jim Mason Family Fund (2014)
  • Tribute and Memorial Fund (1992)
  • Vehicle Service Group Employee Endowment (2015)
  • Vonderheide Family Community Appreciation Fund (2020)
  • George Wagoner, MD and Marjorie Jefferies Wagoner, MD Fund (2001)
  • Robert E. Wall DDS Fund (1993)
  • Don R. Wallis Memorial Fund (1992)


  • Sharon Thom Alcorn Memorial Scholarship (1998)
  •  M.W. Anderson Scholarship(1997)
  • Helyn Bishop Scholarship (2004)
  • Broadway School Alumni Scholarship (1996)
  • Keith Brooks Memorial Scholarship (1996)
  • Calvin Family Scholarship (2013)
  • CAM Car Club Scholarship (2016)
  • Hendricks R. Canida Scholarship Contest Fund (2014)
  • Tiffany Lee Carter Memorial Scholarship (2003)
  • Gary Chapman Memorial Scholarship Fund for the Arts (2018)
  • Cheatham Family Scholarship (2021)
  • Lisa Cheatham Memorial Scholarship (2008)
  • The Chan Chilton Memorial Scholarship (1998)
  • Class of ’84 Scholarship (1995)
  • Joseph V. Cline Scholarship (1994)
  • Thomas D. Craft, Jr. Memorial Scholarship (2007)
  • Christie Crafton Memorial Scholarship (1995)
  • Norma A. Cull Memorial Scholarship (1994)
  • Custer Oratory Contest Scholarship Endowment (2018)
  • Deputy Alumni Scholarship (1997)
  • Kenneth E. and Mary Lou Dunbar Scholarship to Honor Perry & Dunbar Drugstore Employees (2020)
  • Dupont Alumni Scholarship (2000)
  • Frances K. Eisan Memorial Scholarship (2013)
  • Mabel C. Green memorial Scholarship (1995)
  • Hall Family Scholarship (1994)
  • The Hanover College/Paul Ogle Fund (1993)
  • Marjorie Cornell Hare Nursing Scholarship Fund (Ivy Tech) (2012)
  • Dr. Fred S. Henderson Family Scholarship Fund (2015)
  • Dennis Holt Memorial Scholarship (2000)
  • Glenn G. and Dorothy Ebel Huntington Memorial Scholarship (1999)
  • Jefferson County 4-H Scholarship (1997)
  • Ralph and Robyn Jones Family Memorial Scholarship (1998)
  • Charles H. and C. Chris Keller Scholarship (1994)
  • George and June Kirk Scholarship (1999)
  • Kiwanis Club Scholarship in Memory of John Hawk (2022)
  • Fred and Judy Koehler Family Scholarship Fund (2017)
  • Dallas Lamb Visual Arts and Arts & Crafts Scholarship Fund (2022)
  • Dorothy B. Lotz Scholarship (1995)
  • Madison Chautauqua Scholarship for the Arts in Memory of Bob Fourhman (1994)
  • MCHS Class of 1966 Scholarship Fund (2011)
  • Madison Kiwanis – Connor K. Salm Scholarship (2019)
  • Madison Railroad Scholarship in Memory of Robert Griffin (2023)
  • Lynn A. Maricle Music Scholarship (2006)
  • Dale McNeely Scholarship Fund (2009)
  • Father Hilary G. Meny Scholarship (1994)
  • Meyers-Hoefling Memorial Scholarship (2023)
  • George and June Miller Memorial Scholarship (2014)
  • Marcia S. Morrill Scholarship of the Madison Rotary Club (1996)
  • Terri Nighbert Memorial Scholarship (1998)
  • Bill Oldaker Scholarship Fund of the Madison Rotary Club (1992)
  • Brad O’Leary Scholarship (2001)
  • Larry and Charmaine Owens Madison Rotary Club Scholarship (2008)
  • Mary Elizabeth Patterson Scholarship (2014)
  • Troy Allen Pyles Memorial Scholarship (2004)
  • Rainbow Youth Scholarship Fund (2022)
  • Dr. Harve E. and Joyce E. Rawson Scholarship (Franklin College) (1999)
  • J. Michael Sample Memorial Scholarship for Music (1997)
  • Ralph and Margaret Seifert Madison Rotary Club Scholarship (2021)
  • Bonnie and Printis Shelton Scholarship Fund (2018)
  • Carolyn Bruce Spicer and Gene E. Spicer Nursing Scholarship (2019)
  • Brian W. Stites Memorial Scholarship (1996)
  • Mayor Damon Welch Memorial Scholarship (2020)
  • Nathan Wilson Memorial Mathematics Scholarship (1998)
  • Terry and Wanda Wood Memorial Scholarship (2022)
  • The Wood Memorial Scholarship (1995)
  • Curtis Wright Memorial Scholarship (1999)

Nonpermanent Funds

These advised funds are established with the purpose of spending their entire principal. Donors annually decide how much they want to donate to charities, make a lump sum gift into their fund (usually appreciated stock) in that amount, and then advise the Foundation on how they would like the available money distributed to nonprofit organizations.

  • Fred and Judy Koehler Charitable Fund (2016)
  • Bill and June Nighbert Charitable Fund (2006)
  • Devon and Rachel Sharpe Charitable Fund (2020)
  • David and Sally Webster Community Fund (2021)

Acorn Funds

Acorn Funds allow donors to establish a fund over a period of time until they reach the fund minimum. The founding donors pledge to contribute annually to the endowment, usually over a five-year period.

  • Daniel and Jessica Butler Charitable Endowment (2022)
  • Big E’s Garage: The Elisha Ellsworth Lowry Memorial Scholarship (2020)
Call to Action
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